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Switzerland's Mirjam von Rohr Sets HYROX Aside for CrossFit in 2024


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In today’s edition:

  • Get to know Mirjam von Rohr, HYROX 2022 European Champ and women’s winner of the 2024 CrossFit Open

  • Tracy Tucker’s tips for leveling up your nutrition and fitness goals while maintaining a busy schedule

  • Inspired by the Keala Foundation in Hawaii, Jessica Dudley created the Organizacion de Amigos to help at-risk youth in Oregon. Learn about her program below


“Up to a certain point, both sports are very supportive of each other and you can get better at both. However, if you want to be [at] the top in the world, it's almost impossible without specializing in one sport.” - Mirjam von Rohr, 2024 CrossFit Open women’s champ, on training for HYROX and CrossFit simultaneously


Credit: @navoka_photography / Instagram

2024 CrossFit Open Winner Mirjam Von Rohr Sets Her Sights on Fort Worth

Mirjam von Rohr is the 2024 CrossFit Open women’s champion – seemingly out of nowhere. 

  • She is also one of the top-ranked women on the HYROX world leaderboard, but her list of accomplishments extends beyond that.

Have you ever thought of doing 1000 wall balls for time? Von Rohr did it in 39:05. 

How about a two-hour wall-sit? 

Or 100 unbroken thrusters in 3:04? 

Maybe 1000 burpees in 55:51? 

How long would it take you to bike across Switzerland from north to south, over two mountains? She did it in three days. 

For many reasons, von Rohr is not your typical elite CrossFit athlete. She trains on her own, without a coach, using a program that she writes for herself. Relatively new to the sport, von Rohr balances CrossFit with HYROX, although for the time being, CrossFit has become priority number one. 

Some background: von Rohr grew up training multiple sports, and challenging herself across diverse disciplines. Through running, gymnastics, and martial arts, she fueled her passion for sport and competition. 

In late 2020, after training in martial arts for several years, she needed something new.  

  • “I got bored and felt under-challenged. I was looking for something new and discovered CrossFit,” von Rohr tells Morning Chalk Up.

She first competed in the Open in 2021, then took 54th place overall in 2022, and did not compete in 2023.


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Credit: Frank Nguyen

How to Level up Your Nutrition and Fitness Goals, with Tracy Tucker

Finding success in your nutrition and fitness goals can feel daunting at times. 

Whether you’re an elite athlete in your prime, ready to take your shot at a Games podium, or a busy parent just trying to stay fit for life and look better at the beach, there are plenty of hacks and tricks to help make your daily or weekly tasks far more efficient. 

Below are some of my favorite quick and easy tips to help make the most out of your time while building toward your goals:


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Photo Courtesy of Jessica Dudley

Organización de AMIGOS: Using Fitness to Help Oregon’s At-Risk Youth

A visit to Hawaii and learning about the Keala Foundation, an organization helping at-risk Hawaiian youth through CrossFit, inspired a young Jessica Dudley several years ago, she told the Morning Chalk Up in a recent interview. 

  • New to teaching, she was struck by the impact that this organization had on so many kids and was surprised to learn that outreach and support were administered via fitness. 

She was inspired to develop a similar program back in her neck of the woods but needed time for the idea to gestate and develop. 

Then, in 2023, she founded Organización de AMIGOS, an after-school program in the Portland, OR area, serving students of Title One schools. 

Some background: After her inspiring Hawaii trip, Dudley found encouragement in Nick Pappas, a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer and member of the CrossFit Kids Seminar Staff. He pushed her to pursue a CrossFit Level 1 certificate. He expressed to her the significance of teachers seeking out their L1s and the valuable carryover that those two professions – teaching and CrossFit coaching – had amongst one another.

  • She took his advice, received her L1 in 2022, and then left teaching to open an affiliate, but the afterschool program idea lived on in her mind. 

She realized that while after-school sports are ideal for some kids and families, for others they can be cost-prohibitive. She wanted to be able to share fitness and community with anyone, without any obstacles.

For two years, she offered free memberships at her gym to youth who couldn’t afford the cost. 

  • Students that were “high-needs,” (those with limited means, high risk of dropping out of school, or struggling with academics), needed CrossFit the most, Dudley explained, but they struggled to get to the box each day. 

She then had the idea to bring the program to them.


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