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  • National Guardsman Korey Bromery is Taking on CrossFit Quarterfinals, But First, the US Army's National Best Warrior Qualifier

National Guardsman Korey Bromery is Taking on CrossFit Quarterfinals, But First, the US Army's National Best Warrior Qualifier


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In today’s edition:

  • National Guardsman Korey Bromery has a monster week ahead — the US Army’s Best Warrior national qualifier and CrossFit Quarterfinals. Learn more

  • Catch up with Underdogs Athletics founder and head coach Justin Cotler

  • “Packs Paws” provides a fitness outlet for people of all ages

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“What we tend to do very well is being able to bring the most out of our athletes in high-pressure situations. It’s very easy when you’re in your home gym, you’re comfortable, you feel good, and it’s easy to perform. But can you perform on the road, in person, tired?” - Justin Cotler, founder and head coach, on what he thinks Underdogs Athletics does differently


Credit: @ssg_bromery_scarng / Instagram

All in the Same Week: Korey Bromery Attempts to Qualify for the US Army National Best Warrior Competition and CrossFit Semifinals

For most Quarterfinals athletes, next week will revolve around four singular tests of fitness.

But for Korey Bromery, the Quarterfinal events will be the easiest part of his week, he told the Morning Chalk Up.

  • That’s because the 37-year-old member of the US National Guard and the owner of CrossFit Humidity in Beaufort, SC, who is hoping to qualify for Semifinals in the Men’s 35-39-year-old division, is competing in the regional Best Warrior Competition in Kentucky the week leading up to Quarterfinals. 

Bromery, who qualified for the regional Best Warrior event after winning his state competition, will be taking on eight other state winners in hopes of becoming the one competitor to qualify for the National Best Warrior Competition. After that, he will immediately turn around and hit the four Quarterfinals events to top off his week.

Remind me: The Best Warrior competition is an annual event put on by the United States Army to find the most skilled and proficient soldiers across various military occupational specialties.

The regional competition in Kentucky will feature various physical and tactical tests, including the Army Combat Fitness test, which in and of itself is a physical beatdown. It involves six tests: a three-rep max deadlift, a standing power throw, a hand release push-ups test, a sprint-drag carry test, a plank test, and a two-mile run.

The week in Kentucky will also feature an undisclosed distance ruck run – which based on the time frame given for the event, Bromery expects it to be as much as long as 18 miles – a swimming event, four different obstacle courses, as well as military-specific events, such as medical, navigation and various shooting tests. 

“There is so much that will be involved…and the more physically fit soldier is going to stand out,” said Bromery, who was a member of the Marines for 10 years before joining the National Guard seven years ago.


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☀️🥵 “About the Heat”: The Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association revealed yesterday that in advance of the 2024 Games in Ft. Worth, TX, it sent a request to CrossFit for clarification about preparations for heat during the competition this summer (Click here to read it).

  • From the post: “Many athletes, coaches, and agents have raised questions regarding how the CrossFit Games team will mitigate the impact of the heat index in Fort Worth, TX. In support of all athletes and in partnership with our Advisory Board, we asked CrossFit to provide clarity regarding the duration of time athletes will work at high intensity outdoors. Having this information ensures each athlete can make appropriate arrangements for their health and safety.

  • CrossFit’s response (quoted in the IG post): “Thanks for all the thoughts about what information will help you prepare for Fort Worth. We reviewed your suggestions and can give you a little more information. It is not to the level you are looking for, but we hope it provides enough to help athletes decide how to manage their heat-related training heading into the Games in August.

    --The competition will feature 1 primary field of play, indoors in Dickie's arena

    --A much smaller percentage of events than Madison will occur outdoors”

The unofficial 2024 Team Quarterfinals leaderboard continues to settle as scoring reviews and adjustments are made. The leaderboard will be set no later than April 15, 2024, according to the CrossFit Games team.

🚨🚨Rogue Invitational 2024 Volunteer Applications: In case you missed the announcement, the Rogue Invitational is going international in 2024, and you can be there, behind the scenes, for all the action in Aberdeen, Scotland. Get more information and apply now.

Hustle Up App Named New Games Sponsor: On Friday, CrossFit named Hustle Up as an Official Sponsor of the Masters, Teenage, and Adaptive CrossFit Games.

  • From the press release: “ This newly formed partnership will extend beyond the CrossFit Games, as Hustle Up will also be an Official Sponsor of the CrossFit Semifinals and will provide helpful resources for CrossFit affiliates.”

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West Coast Classic Private Suite Contest: Affiliate owners — learn how you can enter your gym for a chance to win a private suite in the "Tennis Stadium” at the West Coast Classic in Carson, CA.

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ICYMI: Can a strong Quarterfinals performance predict rookie-year Games qualification?


Credit: Austin Heaton

Catching Up with the Head of Underdogs Athletics: Justin Cotler

If you’ve been watching CrossFit Games leaderboards over the past few years, you might have noticed a growing number of top athletes from a tough, gritty, old-school style of training camp and program based in Las Vegas, NV, called Underdogs Athletics.

Not only is Underdogs Athletics coming off a top-five Games finish in Alex Gazan in 2023, they are also starting 2024 off strong with eight women and four men placing in the top 100 in the Open as well as two teams currently in the top 15 at Quarterfinals.


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Credit: Edward Livote

New York’s “Pack Paws” Promotes Fitness for Athletes of All Ages 

At the playground last summer, six-year-old Charlotte could barely transition from one monkey bar to the next without dropping down, and could never string more together than the first two. 

She struggled to progress in her gymnastics class. 

Nine-year-old Alexander, having participated in assorted martial arts in the past, hadn’t yet learned the value of community, cheering on other kids, trying out new skills, and challenging himself. 

  • All of that changed when they joined their parents at Pack Athletic Club in Deer Park, New York. 

How it started: Edward and Janine Livote have been physically active, engaging in fitness for over twenty years. Edward first found CrossFit in October of 2016 and was hooked immediately. 

Janine joined the fray in 2019. The two have attended multiple gyms over the years, trained at home, and then eventually found Pack, when it opened its doors in July of 2023. 

Edward admits that his children, like most, hesitate to try new things. Both Alexander and Charlotte had engaged in youth fitness classes but had never tried anything like what was being offered at Pack. 

However, Alexander and Charlotte had been raised in a home where fitness was prioritized and were seeing their parents set time aside each day for the gym. 

  • “They had been coming with us to classes for as long as we've been doing CrossFit, and it seemed like they expressed interest in doing something their parents do,” Edward tells Morning Chalk Up.

When owner and head coach of Pack, Mike Gillespie began the kids program, “Pack Pups,” he allowed children to try it out, without any commitment, to see if they liked it. 

Edward explained that this helped his kids build their comfort and confidence, as well as make connections with the other members’ kids, ultimately swaying them to join the class. 


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