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Learn About Kanna Fitness's "All Abilities" CrossFit Classes


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The Service Open returned in 2024. Check out some highlights and learn more below

  • How accessible was the 2024 Open compared to years past?

  • Kanna Fitness's “All Abilities” classes promote CrossFit for everyone


“If you only ever give 90% in training, then you will only ever give 90% when it matters.” - Michael Owen


Credit: @cale_layman_ / Instagram

The 2024 CrossFit Service Open Highlights

As the CrossFit community puts a bow on the 2024 Open, there are countless performances to celebrate. 

Talented Games-level athletes all logged terrific performances, but this year also saw the return of the Service Open, which put the call out to all service members to determine the fittest in certain professions. 

What Is the CrossFit Service Open?

The CrossFit Games outlines the goal of the 2024 Service Open as an opportunity to “celebrate those who selflessly serve their communities daily, showcasing how these individuals use fitness to succeed in their professions.” 

It also provides a fantastic opportunity for athletes in the same profession to battle each other for bragging rights. (Crossfitters always love a competition, right?)

Since 2017, we have seen different versions of the Service Open in CrossFit (read more about that here), but this year, there will be a second stage of the competition to provide the opportunity for athletes to be called the fittest in their profession.

  • The Service Cup: Built to Serve is the second stage of the Service Open, which will be a virtual competition to determine the fittest in each profession. 

  • The second stage will take place on Thursday, June 6-13.

Qualifying athletes will receive an invitation with instructions on how to register soon.


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🦋👻 Pat Vellner x Butterfly Squad: Last week Games legend and current Second Fittest Man on Earth, Pat Vellner announced that he had partnered with the animated children’s cartoon Butterfly Squad on a new series about mental health.

  • From the announcement: “I am super excited to announce that I am partnering up with the Butterfly Squad! They have made a cartoon series that teaches kids about their mental health and the best part is they are giving it away for free to every parent & child on the planet and I am super excited to be part of the journey.”

🎟️ 🎟️ West Coast Classic Tickets: Planning to head to Carson for a Memorial Day trip to the North America West Semifinal? Ticket prices for the WCC increase in 1 week, so secure your spot for the best price now!

😭 WIT London Closes Doors: In case you missed it last week, WIT London has announced that its final classes will run on March 28 at District Battlesea.

  • From the post: “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of WIT London, St Paul’s.”

  • “We want to thank everyone that’s visited and trained with us since our opening in 2018. WIT London was a special place for so many, and was made even more special by the people that came to it.”

  • “Rest assured, this is not the end for WIT. Plans are already in motion to come back bigger and better, so watch this space, and we’ll be sure to keep you fully updated on the journey.”

✍️ Now Hiring: PRVN Fitness is looking for some interns local to Nashville. If you have a passion for learning and want to be part of the PRVN Team, send your application now.

💪 Saunders to Compete at CrossFit Expo Games: The AusFitness Expo announced that fan-favorite CrossFit Games veteran Kara Saunders will compete at the CrossFit-licensed Expo Games at the AusFitness Expo on April 13-14. Saunders announced earlier this year that she will lead Team Mayhem Thunder in the 2024 season.

  • Saunders will be joined on the competition floor by Harriet Roberts and Saunders’ own 2024 Mayhem Thunder teammate, Emily de Rooy. Khan Porter will be on hand as co-emcee of the event.

🎉 Crossfit’s New CMO Introduces Herself: Crossfit’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Jenna Hauca, took to her Instagram yesterday to announce that it was her official first day with the company:

  • From the post: “I’m excited to share that today is my first day as Chief Marketing Officer at CrossFit.”

  • “I’ll be joining an incredibly talented and devoted team to expand CrossFit’s global reach by supporting our 12,000 affiliate gyms in 140+ countries while generating demand for new gyms and supporting the CrossFit Games.”

  • “It’s an absolute honor to serve a brand that has been in the business of saving, improving, and transforming lives for more than 20 years and I’m eager to join in the efforts of amplifying this mission.”

ICYMI: You signed up for a HYROX — now what do you do? Aerobic Capacity coach Chris Hinshaw offers advice.


Credit: @crossfitinvictus / Instagram

How Accessible Was the 2024 CrossFit Open?

As the workouts for the 2024 CrossFit Open were released, much of the conversation in the CrossFit community was about how accessible they were, specifically 24.1 and 24.2. And how this Open had a different “feel” to it. 

  • When looking at the number of workouts logged over the three weeks of this year’s Open, 82.45% of the workouts completed by men were logged as Rx, while on the women’s side, the percentage of Rx workouts was 65.46%. 

For both men and women, 24.1 was the most Rx’d workout, while the highest level of scaled scores for men came in 24.2 while for women it was 24.3.

  • With over four out of five men’s scores and nearly two-thirds of women’s scores completed as prescribed, was 2024 the most accessible Open?


Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Vincent

Kanna Fitness "All Abilities" Classes Promote CrossFit for Everyone

In April 2023, Kanna Fitness in Ambler, PA, hosted a one-day, one-off event for kids with disabilities to come by and throw down with a CrossFit workout. This was in collaboration with their nonprofit, Kanna for All.

After the event, parents immediately reached out, expressing that they were desperately seeking something exactly like this on a regular basis for their children. 

  • “We’ve never taken our kids anywhere where they’ve gotten an actual workout,” the parents told coaches.

While many of the kids worked with occupational and physical therapists, attended school P.E. classes, and were physically active throughout the day, nobody helped them sweat, exercise, and develop their fitness. 

To CrossFit Level 2 coach and Kanna’s Youth Director Steph Vincent, this was an opportunity worth pursuing. It could benefit children and families within Ambler (and beyond, it turns out) and her current Kanna Fitness community.

Some background: Vincent has been a CrossFit athlete since 2009 and began coaching in 2012. She’s been in the game a long time and has worked with people from all walks of life with a range of goals. Her experience as an athlete gives her coaching depth and inspires her athletes to strive to meet the goals she sets for them.

  • “I’m not a typical CrossFit athlete. I scale all my workouts. This helps me to coach and when I tell an athlete they can do something, and they know that I believe in them, they do it. They’re inspired to do it. When they know that I think they’re capable of something, it means something to them,” Vincent says.

Years ago, she ran a day program for adults with disabilities and had always dreamed of developing something similar in a gym setting. 

With the help of community leaders, their nonprofit, Kanna for All, was formed, which gives scholarships to youth in the community to join the gym and enter into a world of goal-setting, personal wins, and fitness. 


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  • 🙌 Congratulations to Matt from CrossFit High Gear in Medina, OH, on his very first ring muscle-up.

  • Congratulations to Beth Ann from Southern Columbus CrossFit in Columbus, OH, on the 102-kilo/225-pound squat clean PR.

  • Congratulations to Billy from Chalk Dust Fitness in Powell, OH, on conquering his fear of the 24-inch box.

  • Nice work to Games athlete Christine Middleton on the 136-kilo/300-pound split jerk.

  • 🤯 Great job to Vanessa of Ocean State CrossFit in Cranston, RI, on the 111-kilo/245-pound mixed-grip clean and jerk.