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Kyra Milligan Builds on Experience, Earns Indy Games Ticket


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Kyra Milligan heard her name called as the final Games qualifier at the 2024 North America West Semifinals. It’s her first time as an individual, but that doesn’t mean she lacks experience. Find out why below.

  • It can be tough to eat as much protein as you need, especially in the summer. But check out the tips below from Training Think Tank Nutrition Coach Tracy Tucker for five sneaky ways to add in more protein.

  • MCU writer Teaganne Finn took on the NYC HYROX last week and gave it an honest review from a CrossFitter’s perspective.

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“The biggest thing I needed was experience, so I did Rogue and Dubai, and I just needed to learn to be confident in what I could do.” - Individual Games qualifier, Kyra Milligan, on how gaining experience helped her get over the hump


Credit: @quads.like.kyra @crossfitgames @westcoastclassic / Instagram

CrossFit Games Rookie Spotlight: Experience Pays Off For First-Time Individual Games Qualifier, Kyra Milligan

It’s always a tense moment as the announcer reads out the list of CrossFit Games qualifiers at the end of a Semifinal event. 

As the West Coast Classic came to a close just over a week ago, emcee Mike Richards, known to the community simply as “Big Mike,” read out the women’s names slowly and paused dramatically after seventh place. 

As he announced the eighth and final qualifying athlete, it took Kyra Milligan a moment to realize it was her. 

  • “They’d been mispronouncing my name all weekend, so it took me a second to realize they had said my name,” Milligan told Morning Chalk Up, beaming. “I was like, ‘Oh! That’s me!’

For the first time, Kyra Milligan had earned a spot as an individual at the CrossFit Games, taking the last qualifying spot at the North America West Semifinal.


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  • Every month, UPLIFT runs a challenge with great prizes — this month from WODZombie and Hero Barbell. Check it out and learn more.

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📸🎥 Dylan and Susana's Lost Gear Recovery: At the North America West Semifinal by West Coast Classic, two friends of the Morning Chalk Up, Dylan Shoemaker and Susana Rodriguez Mata, who are photographers/creators in CrossFit media, had some of their valuable camera equipment stolen.

  • Heber Cannon of the Buttery Bros arranged a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to replace the lens and the camera. Check it out and help if you are able.

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🌟🚣 Glow Row Fundraiser: Check out this cool event organized by The Dancer Love Foundation. It’s a marathon row with teams of 10 that supports adaptive athletes.

  • The details: The event will raise funds to support those with physical and intellectual disabilities through fitness and love. It will take place June 15, 6:30-10:30 pm, at CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, CA.

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📊📈 Rogue Invitational Qualifying System: The Rogue Invitational announced a new qualifying system for its annual event, which is moving to Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2024.

  • From the announcement: “Over the past few years, we have been working on the method to select the best CrossFit athletes in the sport. This system takes into account the most recent event performance along with the last five years. There is a predictive component to replace missing scores due to various life events.”

  • The post clarified that Rogue “reserve[s] the right to invite anyone but plan on using this to choose a MIN of 10 along with 5 MIN from the Q.”

  • Check out more details on the qualifying system and search for athletes here.

🏆 TYR Wodapalooza Drops TYR Cup Details: The team at Loud and Live is dropping more info about the inaugural event this Fall. Stay in the know below:

  • With more details out in the world, the TYR Cup crew posted this hype video laying out everything you need to know. Check it out now!

  • The prize purse for the event will be $250,000, broken down as follows:

    • TYR Cup Champs: $160k per team
      Runner-ups: $40k per team
      MVP: $10k - Awarded to the individual with the greatest singular positive impact on their team’s success.
      The remaining $40k will be shared across the remaining division champs.

ICYMI: We know that CrossFit athletes are stronger, faster, and more skilled now than ever before, and sometimes we get a clear picture of that. The 2024 Semifinals snatch ladder is one of those opportunities.


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Credit: @fhnguyen / Instagram

5 Sneaky Ways to Add More Protein Into Your Diet This Summer

Protein is an essential nutrient. 

It is made up of amino acids that are linked together by peptide bonds. 

And, whether you are more sedentary or an elite-level athlete, you need protein, and very likely you aren’t eating enough. 

  • You can calculate how many grams of protein you might need each day here

There are a variety of plant and animal-based protein sources available to help reach our protein demands for the day. 

For the most benefits and least likelihood of deficiencies, it is best to keep your protein sources high in quality and consistently varied. 

Generally speaking, here are some benefits of increased protein intake for CrossFitters (or other active individuals):

  • Increased skeletal muscle growth

  • Better structural balance and bone health

  • Fat loss

  • Improved brain health and cognitive abilities

  • Improved blood sugar levels


The WODCELONA 2024 Online Qualifier opens today! This competition, supported by Nike Well Collective, and hosted in Barcelona features 46 categories for athletes of all kinds:

🏋️‍♂️ Standard athletes: Teens, Rx, Elite

💪 Adaptive athletes: 15 adapted divisions

👥 Teams of 3: Master, Elite, Rx, Intermediate, Open

With one of the largest prize pools in Europe and over 1,500 athletes, this year’s WODCELONA promises to be the best yet. Join the online qualifier now, available until June 24th.

Register now and get ready to crush it!


Credit: HYROX

So, I Did HYROX: An Honest Review by a Diehard CrossFitter

When I first heard about HYROX I wasn’t at all interested in trying. 

Perhaps because it was mostly running, and, as most CrossFitters can attest, we don’t like going any further than a 400-meter loop. 

But after some coaxing from friends and peer pressure, I signed up (thankfully on a doubles team with a good friend of mine). 

Before signing up, I interviewed aerobic capacity expert Chris Hinshaw and wrote a piece on how CrossFitters should train for a HYROX competition. 

Did I follow the advice he gave? 

  • Not entirely, and I’m regretful of that decision. 

The Details

The event was the first HYROX race to be held right in the heart of New York City, and over 5,000 athletes competed.  

The race has grown in popularity in the last couple of years and has become a highly accessible fitness event for all types of athletes.

  • Please remember that this is a review of HYROX from a full-time CrossFitter, meaning I don’t really venture into any other fitness classes or run regularly outside of my training. 

With that caveat out of the way, the following review is organized into three parts: 

  • What’s the hype all about? 

  • Is it anything like CrossFit?

  • Is it worth it?


Celebrating a PR, hosting a fundraiser, this, that, or otherwise? Send us a tip.

  • 🙌Great job to our very own Teaganne Finn, who completed a Hyrox last weekend.

  • Nice work to Brian of CrossFit Liberate in Athens, GA, on the 98-kilo/215-pound clean and jerk complex.

  • Congratulations to semifinals athlete Ella Price of Australia on the 82.5-kilo/181-pound snatch PR.

  • Congratulations to Maddie of CrossFit No Bad Days in Australia on her first bar muscle up.

  • 😂Nice work to Matt of Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach, CA, on the “weighted” pull-ups.