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Dive Into the History of Run/Swim Events at the CrossFit Games


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The first Crossfit Games held in Madison, WI started with the “Run Swim Run” in 2017. The first held in Fort Worth, TX will start with “Run Swim.” Get all the details (available) and check out who we have our eyes to take the event win.

  • Cracking the top ten at the CrossFit Games is a major career achievement for any elite athlete and a group of them are primed and ready to do it for the first time this year. Learn who they are.

  • The TYR Cup is coming to the TYR Wodapalooza SoCal this September and will feature an elite team battle between “North America” and the "World.” Find out more about the format and the first athletes named to the rosters.

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“It’s the last one before the first cut…it’s the seventh event, on Saturday morning, that’s when we cut [the field of athletes] down to thirty” - Dave Castro, discussing the hero workout “Chad” at the 2024 CrossFit Games with qualifier, Victoria Campos


Credit: CrossFit Games

Event 1 of the 2024 CrossFit Games Is Run Swim — Light on Details, Heavy on History

“Four miles for time” of running and swimming. That’s what we know (and basically all we know) so far about the first event at this summer's CrossFit Games in Fort Worth, TX.

The details: The CrossFit Games and Dave Castro announced Event 1 on Tuesday via an Instagram video, although the description was vague, to say the least.

  • How many of those four miles are running miles, and how many are swimming miles? We still don’t know. And in classic Castro fashion, we’re left with more questions than answers. 

A quick history: A long run and/or swim have often been featured in the first event at the Games, starting back at the third CrossFit Games in 2009 with the infamous 7K Hill Run at the Ranch in Aromas, CA. 

  • The 2012 Games was the first time the opening event featured both running and swimming. That year, the event started with a 700-meter swim at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton in CA and finished with an 11K run (although that year the event was a triathlon, so athletes also did an 8k bike between the swim and the run).

  • The first event of 2017 also included running and swimming: “Run Swim Run.” That year, it was a 1.5-mile run, a 500-meter swim, and another 1.5-mile run.

  • 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2021 also featured swimming in the first event (but not running). In those years, the swim was paired with various other movements.

Finally, in 2016, athletes hopped on an airplane in the early morning hours and flew to the Ranch in Aromas to repeat a similar run from 2009.


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🧮📚2017 Run Swim Run—2024 Run Swim: Known and Knowable dug into the archives and put together a thorough comparison of the first event at the 2017 CrossFit Games in Madison, and the just-announced first event in Fort Worth. Check out the comparison now and get ready for August 8.

  • And, don’t forget the Games ticket tracker if you are still looking for seats in the Dickies Arena early next month.

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  • Now they’ve partnered together to enable athletes to submit their scores directly with a single click in the WODProof App. Learn more.

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ICYMI: John Wooley, the Wooley Memeth, shares six lessons he’s learned during Chagrin Falls CrossFit’s “Superhero Summer.” It starts with embracing shared suffering.


Credit: @stutters.media / Instagram

7 Athletes Primed to Snag Their First Top-10 Finish at the 2024 CrossFit Games

Finishing in the top ten at the CrossFit Games can be a career achievement for some athletes. For others, it’s a starting point. 

With incredible parity in both the men’s and women’s fields in 2024, finishing in the top ten for the first time will be a challenge (as it is every year).

  • In the 2024 CrossFit Games field, there are 11 women and 18 men who have had a top 10 finish at the CrossFit Games at least once in their careers.

Here are seven athletes who we have our eyes on as potential first-time top-ten Games finishers in Fort Worth this summer:

The Women 

A major storyline in the 2024 season is the number of women from the 2023 CrossFit Games who didn’t compete this season or who failed to qualify for the Games.

  • Three top-ten finishers in 2023—Katrin Davidsdottir (seventh), Emma Cary (eighth) and Paige Powers (tenth)—are not returning to the Games this year.

The women’s field will see the return of Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, Haley Adams, and Brooke Wells who all finished in the top ten in 2022, leaving no easy path into the top ten this year.


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Credit: @wodapalooza / Instagram

First Athletes 2024 TYR Cup Announced — Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr and Jeffrey Adler

On Tuesday, the TYR Wodapalooza team announced six-time champion Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr and current Fittest on Earth Jeffrey Adler as the first two athletes set to represent the teams competing in California this September at TYR Wodapalooza SoCal. 

  • Toomey-Orr is first up on the “World” team roster, while Adler will be on the opposing “North America” team. 

Remind me: While TYR Wodaplooza has a long history in Miami, FL, the TYR WZA team has expanded its reach and is headed to Huntington Beach, CA, this fall for the inaugural TYR Wodapalooza SoCal.

  • The TYR Cup takes center stage at the competition, as it features a new team format, with rosters made up of the best CrossFit athletes in the world. 

How it works: The TYR Cup is a head-to-head style competition featuring two teams: “World” and “North America.” 

Each team will be comprised of eight individuals — four elite men and four elite women. As stated on the TYR Wodapalooza website, each team is “anchored by one male and one female captain.” 

Team captains get to choose the fourth and final man and woman to join their team.


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