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CrossFit Open Workout 24.3 Tips and Strategies From Top Coaches


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The final workout of the 2024 CrossFit Open is here! Get tips and strategies from coaches Caroline Lambray, Michele Letendre, John Singleton, Justin Cotler, and Cole Sager

  • Plus, who can win the 2024 CrossFit Open?

  • How to plan your affiliate class around Open Workout 24.3

  • And, how to adapt Open Workout 24.3 for CrossFit Kids


“Anyone who thinks this, in totality, is a sprint is in for a rude awakening. Even the elites. This is not Fran. Let me repeat again, this is not Fran.” - Justin Cotler on CrossFit Open 24.3


Credit: @crossfitgames / Instagram

2024 CrossFit Open Workout 24.3 Released — Tips and Strategies From Top Coaches

The 2024 CrossFit Open concludes this week with 24.3, and the announcement took place at PRVN Fitness HQ in Nashville, TN, where six-time Games champ Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr was scheduled to throw down against the current third Fittest Woman on Earth, Arielle Loewen. However, Toomey-Orr withdrew due to injury (from the announcement, not from the Open).

  • Instead, fan-favorite Loewen took part in a four-way match-up that included PRVN athletes Sydney Wells and Jay Crouch, along with Mayhem athlete and fellow Third Fittest on Earth, Roman Khrennikov.

We’ve assembled a dream team of elite coaches — Caroline Lambray, Justin Cotler, Michele Letendre, John Singleton, and Cole Sager — to bring you tips and strategies for each workout. They’ve coached CrossFit Games podium athletes like Jeffrey Adler, Patrick Vellner, Kari Pearce, Ricky Garard, and other Games competitors.

Five rounds of:

  • 10 thrusters

  • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest for one minute, followed by five rounds of:

  • 7 thrusters

  • 7 bar muscle-ups

Time cap: 15 minutes

Men: 95, 135 pounds
Women: 65, 95 pounds

Click below for tips from Lambray, Cotler, Singleton, Letendre, and Sager.


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🙌 🙌 Victory Grips x Teen CrossFit Games: In a press release yesterday, the team at the Pit Teen Throwdown, host of the 2024 Teenage CrossFit Games, announced that Victory Grips would be the Official Grips Sponsor of the Teenage CrossFit Games.

  • Reminder, the teen divisions have been separated out into their own season-ending championship. For the 2024 season, the Teenage CrossFit Games will be hosted by the Pit Teen Throwdown, August 29-September 1 in Southwest Michigan.

🚨🚨 New Rogue Athlete: Rogue Fitness announced Tyson Bagent, the NFL Quarterback for the Chicago Bears as the newest Rogue Athlete.

🎟️ 🎟️ Tickets for the 2024 West Coast Classic, the North America West Semifinal, are available now!

New CMO at CrossFit HQ: As first reported by Barbell Spin, CrossFit announced earlier this week, in an email to affiliate owners, that Jenna Hauca has been hired as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer.

  • From the email: “Jenna joins CrossFit after spending five-plus years at Barry’s, where she led global marketing. Prior to Barry’s, Jenna oversaw digital, innovation, analytics, and business development at Generator Media + Analytics, a marketing agency based out of New York City.”

  • “She was also a volunteer firefighter and nationally registered EMT and played NCAA D1 ice hockey at Princeton University, where she studied neuroscience and was published in the Journal of Physiology & Behavior. Originally from Canada, Jenna currently resides in Santa Monica with her rescue pit bull, Storm, and is enjoying her first CrossFit Open.”

😎👟🏊‍♀️ TYR Sport Europe: The title sponsor of TYR Wodapalooza, TYR Sport, has launched its European site. Check it out now. 

👟👟 Shelby Neal x INOV8: 2023 CrossFit Games rookie, Shelby Neal is the newest member of Team INOV8 for the 2024 season.

🎥 🍿 Tim Paulson Doc: “IDENTITY: A Live Free Film,” a documentary film following CrossFitter Tim Paulson during his final competitive season is out! Catch it on YouTube now.

ICYMI: The Open Report this week featured Mike Halpin’s reminisces about his first Open in 2021 and then illustrated how much “churn” affects registration each year.


Credit: Victor Freitas

CrossFit Open Workout 24.3 Affiliate Class Plan

The final workout of the CrossFit Open has been released, and it is a beast. 

Many expected to see a repeat of 21.3 and 21.4, based on the movements we hadn’t seen up to this point.

  • It can now be stated officially that this is only the second time that we haven’t been tested with toes-to-bar, nor were we dealt a repeat, (a second time for that as well.) 

  • Thrusters have continued to make their appearance every year, holding true to tradition, and as is often the case, they’re paired with chest-to-bar.  

We’ve provided some in-depth suggestions for running this workout at your affiliate, creating an effective environment for all of your athletes. 


Credit: @wearestagger / Instagram

Who Can Win the 2024 CrossFit Open?

It’s the last week of the CrossFit Open, and there are close races at the top of both the men’s and women’s leaderboards. 

Let’s break them down: 

Women’s Division: With two events behind us, Grace Walton currently leads with just 11 points and seven other women are all within 50 points of the lead.

1. Grace Walton (11 points)
2. Christee Bishop (23 points)
3. Christina Agerbeck (24 points)
4. Arielle Loewen (25 points)
5. Mirjam Von Rohr (38 points)
6. Aimee Cringle (42 points)
7. Seher Kaya (48 points)
8. Katelin Van Zyl (56 points)

Looking at the standings and the performances through the first two weeks, it is very likely that the overall winner will be among this list of athletes. 

All women in the top eight of the standings currently have finished in the top 50 in both 24.1 and 24.2, so it is unlikely that an athlete outside this top eight will beat this collective group by more than 50 points. 

Additionally, the women’s winner of the CrossFit Open has averaged a score of 48 points over the last three years, which also limits the likelihood of an athlete coming from deeper in the standings to win in the last week.


Credit: Ambitious Studio

How to Program CrossFit Open Workout 24.3 for Kids

Athletes across the world are taking on the final Open workout of 2023. Just like the previous two weeks, we want to make sure the workout is adapted to any skill level, but also to all ages and sizes. 

Here are some ways you could adjust 24.3 to accommodate a CrossFit Kids class. 

Pre-School and Elementary

Depending on your kids’ ability and the size of the class, you could have them perform thrusters with PVC pipes or light dumbbells. Alternatively, they could even use slam balls for a ground-to-overhead. 

For the pulling movements, kids could do ring-rows, jumping pull-ups with a box, or you could secure a barbell in the rig with bands so they could do jumping pull-ups off the ground. 

As the weight gets heavier and the gymnastics become more technical in the second half of the workout, you could alter the movements as well, not necessarily making them more difficult, but just changing up the challenge. For instance, if for the first five rounds, kids used a PVC for thrusters, they could use dumbbells for the last five rounds. If they did jumping pull-ups for the first half of the workout, they could do ring-rows for the latter half.


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