CrossFit Games Semifinals Day 1 Opens in Europe


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In today’s edition:

  • Are you confused by CrossFit’s Worldwide Ranking system and Strength of Field calculations? We break it down below.

  • Who are the top Semifinals qualifiers yet to compete at the CrossFit Games as an individual?

  • 2024 CrossFit Games Europe Semifinal Results and Leaderboard — Check back often, as this leaderboard will update in real-time throughout the competition.


“I can see so many changes every month, like a pace I can hold [now] or some [more] weight. Just to see the little things in training… I’m proud of what I do.” - Victor Hoffer, potential 2024 Games rookie, on his training this season. Hoffer throws down at the Europe Semifinal this weekend.


Credit: fran_kie / Shutterstock

2024 CrossFit Games World Wide Rankings and Strength of Field, Explained

Are you confused by the Strength of Field calculation and the allocation of CrossFit Games spots? 

If so, you are not alone.

But time has passed and memories may have become fuzzy. Additionally, the changes made this year introduced additional complications to the situation. 

So, let’s walk it out. 

Remind me: CrossFit introduced the Worldwide Rankings (WWR) in 2023 as a system to objectively allocate qualifying spots to the CrossFit Games from each region. 

  • The rankings are based on a points system that uses the results from the previous two years of competition.

  • Those numbers are updated after each competition within the Games season. Athletes have four opportunities per year to earn points and improve their WWR: the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and CrossFit Games. 

  • Each competition is worth progressively more points. 

  • In the Open and Quarterfinals, points are awarded based on percentile finish. At Semifinals and the Games, points are awarded based on the leaderboard finish.

    • The Open: 1,000 points maximum

    • Quarterfinals: 2,000 points maximum

    • Semifinals: 4,000 points maximum

    • The Games: 10,000 points maximum

  • The D’Hondt method is then employed to allocate spots based on the total number of athletes ranked in the top 100 in each region.

    • The D’Hondt method is a process used by governments around the world to alloocate seats based on proportional representation. The process involves using rounds of calculation, awarding one seat (or in our case, Games spot) after each round. 

The WWR and Strength of Field are explained on the Games website. But with the help of some resources created by analyst Mike Halpin from Known and Knowable on Instagram, we are able to shed some more light on these numbers and how they are calculated.


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👬👭 The 2024 CrossFit Games Semifinals are off and running in Europe and Asia. In case you missed it, here’s our 2024 CrossFit Games Team Semifinal Preview for Week 1.

🏳️‍🌈💛 Reebok Unveils “Unity by Reebok” for 2024 Pride: The collection, according to Reebok, “features expressive and colorful graphics inspired by the traditional tie-dyed garments seen within Pride parades across the globe, plus apparel featuring the collection’s mantra: ‘For Anybody and Everybody.’”

🤬🤔“Who the F*** is Victor Hoffer?: That’s what the European potential Games rookie titled the first video of his new YouTube series, the “Hoffer Project.” Check it out and give the French young gun a follow.

  • In the video, Hoffer said: “I can see so many changes every month, like a pace I can hold [now] or some [more] weight. Just to see the little things in training; it makes me happy, and…I have a smile [on my face]. I’m proud of what I do.”

🏆 TYR Wodapalooza Drops TYR Cup Details: The team at Loud and Live is dropping more info about the inaugural event this Fall. Stay in the know below:

  • With more details out in the world, the TYR Cup crew posted this hype video laying out everything you need to know. Check it out now!

  • The prize purse for the event will be $250,000, broken down as follows:

    • TYR Cup Champs: $160k per team

      Runner-ups: $40k per team

      MVP: $10k - Awarded to the individual with the greatest singular positive impact on their team’s success.

      The remaining $40k will be shared across the remaining division champs.

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🏋️‍♀️📋 Training Camp Semifinalists: Several prominent training camps have dropped full rosters of their Semifinal-qualifying athletes. Check out the lists now:

🤯⚽️ New WHOOP Partnership/Investor: The wearable formerly most closely associated with CrossFit has branched out over the past few years and yesterday announced a new global ambassador and investor.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary soccer icon, joins a growing roster of investors and partners that includes Patrick Mahomes, Michael Phelps, Eli Manning, and Rory McIlroy.

  • Join WHOOP yourself and get a free strap and an extra month of membership on us.

🏋️‍♀️🎓 Pit Collegiate Throwdown: Designed to help fill in what some have described as the “lost years” for athletes aging up from the Teen to the Individual division, the Pit Collegiate Throwdown offers the opportunity for athletes 18-22 to throw down against their peers.

  • The online qualifier runs June 9-30, and the in-person finals will take place concurrently with the Pit Teen Throwdown from August 27-30. Learn more and get registered now!

ICYMI: How to watch the 2024 CrossFit Games Semifinals.


Credit: @juliangrochowiczzz and @jtpeel / Instagram

Meet the Top Semifinals Qualifiers Who Have Yet to Punch a CrossFit Games Ticket

The Quarterfinals stage doesn’t mean everything, but it means something in terms of its ability to predict who will earn a CrossFit Games qualifying spot at Semifinals.

Case in point: Last year, 15 of the 21 men who qualified for the Games from North America finished in the top 10 in Quarterfinals in their region (North America East or West). On the women’s side, 13 out of 21 did the same. 

On a worldwide scale, 16 of the men who finished in the top 20 globally in Quarterfinals went on to qualify for the Games (Ricky Garard was one of the four who did not, and it’s safe to assume he likely would have qualified had he not been injured in a mountain bike crash during Semifinals.)

  • On the women’s side, the number was 14 of the top 20. One of the women who did not was Quarterfinals winner, Mal O’Brien. Similar to Garard, it’s safe to assume had she competed at Semifinals, she likely would have qualified.

The point is, Quarterfinals performances are arguably the best predictor of who will make it to the Games. 

Ultimately, if you place in the top 10 in your region (in North America West, East, and Europe) or the top 20 in the world, chances are you’re going to punch a Games ticket.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top three men and women finishers after Quarterfinals this year who could qualify for the Games for the first time.


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Credit: @frenchthrowdown / Instagram

2024 CrossFit Games Europe Semifinal Results and Leaderboard

The 2024 CrossFit Games Semifinal stage is making only one stop in Europe this year, and it’s this weekend at the Europe Semifinal by the French Throwdown. The competition takes place May 17-19 at the LDLC Arena in Décines-Charpieu, France. 

Forty men, 40 women, and 30 teams will compete for a ticket to the CrossFit Games this summer. 

  • Qualifying spots available: The top 10 women, 10 men, and the top eight teams qualify for the 2024 CrossFit Games in Fort Worth, TX, August 8-11.

2024 CrossFit Games Europe Semifinal by French Throwdown Roster 

Below, you’ll find the top 10 athletes (Men | Women | Team) ranked by their 2024 Quarterfinal finish.

  1. Jonne Koski | Gabriela Migala | CrossFit Prestanda Kriger

  2. Victor Hoffer | Laura Horvath | CrossFit Zarautz TRAINCULT

  3. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson | Manon Angonese | Walleye Orka

  4. Moritz Fiebig | Emma Tall | C23 CrossFit The Progrm Motion  

  5. Aniol Ekai | Emma Mcquaid | CrossFit’s Butcher’s Lab Flæk

  6. Nika Maisuradze | Elisa Fuliano | CrossFit Oslo Kriger PSL

  7. Guillaume Briant | Claudia Gluck | CrossFit Aorta

  8. Fabian Beneito | Jacqueline Dahlstrom | CrossFit Oslo Kriger Rizz

  9. Uldis Upenieks | Karin Freyova | Blueprint CrossFit Team AOD

  10. Alex Kotoulas | Elena Carratala Sanahuja | CrossFit Portti


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  • Great work to Pau Haro on the double split jerk at 114 kilos/250 pounds.

  • 🔥Congratulations to Anait of T12 CrossFit Ireland on qualifying for the Teen CrossFit Games Semifinals and for her podium finish at the Athens Throwdown.

  • Check out this young duo competing at the VR Games in Brazil.