The 2024 Individual Quarterfinals Start Today!


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In today’s edition:

  • As Quarterfinals kick off this week for individuals, we look back at some of the most epic, surprising, and uh,…WTF? events from CrossFit Games history

  • Want to get lean this summer? Check out these tips from Training Think Tank’s Tracy Tucker

  • The “Luminate the Day” competition enters its third year, both raising funds and awareness for Mental Health Awareness Month in May

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“The community is vital. And you tie that to mental health — sometimes, as a CrossFit coach, you are a therapist; people tell you their problems and share their lives with you. I think the one thing we all need is that community.” - David Halvorson, founder of Windy Willow on coaching, CrossFit, and mental health


Photo Credit: Enrique Villaseñor

A Look Back: The Epic, the Surprising, and the WTF Events From CrossFit Games Past 

The first CrossFit Games took place on June 30-July 1, 2007 on Dave Castro’s family’s ranch in Aromas, CA. 

There was no qualification process, and in front of roughly 150 spectators, 70 athletes arrived to compete. 

One of the workouts of the first inaugural Games was chosen out of the hopper, by Greg Glassman, and read off of multi-colored, plastic balls.

That year, there were three events: the CrossFit Total, a 5K trail run, and the “Hopper WOD:” a 1000 meter row, then five rounds of 25 pull-ups and 7 push jerks at 185 pounds for men and 135 pounds for women. 

The programming, the spectacle, the sport, and its athletes have dramatically evolved over the past sixteen years. 

Games athletes compete over four to five days, and within the last decade, have been tested over at least 11 events each year. 

Taking a look back at all these workouts, we can agree that some have been more memorable than others, some offered surprises to athletes as well as spectators, and some caused us to look back and question… WTF?

The Epic 

The Capitol - 2022 Games, Event 5, August 5, 2022: In 2022, athletes tackled a multi-part workout, spanning multiple locations in Madison, WI. “The Capitol” began in North Park, then took competitors outside of the venue on a 3.5-mile run, where they wound up downtown, carrying Jerry bags and Husafell bags up the Capitol steps to the finish. 

Crowds lined the streets, cheering on the athletes, fully sending it as they trudged, one foot in front of the other, step by step. This event took some competitors close to an hour to finish and was a testament to their grit.


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🎯 Beat Dave Castro: CrossFit General Manager of Sport and Education Dave Castro qualified for and will be completing the Individual and Age-Group Quarterfinals workouts. Beat Dave Castro’s scores and earn the chance to win a pair of GORUCK shoes.

  • Once the leaderboard has been finalized, CrossFit will randomly select three winners per workout to be the lucky owners of a new pair of GORUCK shoes. Learn more.

📢📣 Last Call for Teen Mentors: The Pit Teen Throwdown, host of the 2024 Teen CrossFit Games has set up a mentorship program for the teen athletes to receive advice and guidance from those with Games experience. If you’re a Games athlete and interested in helping the next generation in the sport, learn more and get signed up now!

🎟️ 🎟️ CrossFit Asia Semifinal: The Far East Throwdown, the 2024 CrossFit Asia Semifinal, will take place May 17-19, 2024 at the BEXCO Exhibition and Convention Center in Buscan, South Korea. Tickets are available now!

How to Tackle Quarterfinals: CrossFit Invictus just dropped the Ultimate Quarterfinals Guide with tips and tricks from Invictus coaches and their roster of CrossFit Games athletes. Learn how to get your hands on it now.

☀️🥵 “About the Heat”: The Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association revealed yesterday that in advance of the 2024 Games in Ft. Worth, TX, it sent a request to CrossFit for clarification about preparations for heat during the competition this summer (Click here to read it).

  • From the post: “Many athletes, coaches, and agents have raised questions regarding how the CrossFit Games team will mitigate the impact of the heat index in Fort Worth, TX. In support of all athletes and in partnership with our Advisory Board, we asked CrossFit to provide clarity regarding the duration of time athletes will work at high intensity outdoors. Having this information ensures each athlete can make appropriate arrangements for their health and safety.

  • CrossFit’s response (quoted in the IG post): “Thanks for all the thoughts about what information will help you prepare for Fort Worth. We reviewed your suggestions and can give you a little more information. It is not to the level you are looking for, but we hope it provides enough to help athletes decide how to manage their heat-related training heading into the Games in August.

    --The competition will feature 1 primary field of play, indoors in Dickie's arena

    --A much smaller percentage of events than Madison will occur outdoors”

✍️📋 Rogue Invitational 2024 Volunteer Applications: In case you missed the announcement, the Rogue Invitational is going international in 2024, and you can be there, behind the scenes, for all the action in Aberdeen, Scotland. Get more information and apply now.

ICYMI: CrossFit Fort Vancouver’s (and Justin Medeiros’) head coach, Adam Neiffer offers tips to affiliate owners and coaches running Quarterfinals for their athletes this week.


Credit: Frank Nguyen

Trying to Lean Out for the Summer? Try These 7 Tips From Training Think Tank’s Tracy Tucker Before Cutting More Calories

When you start a weight or fat loss journey it can be exciting to track all your progress! 

Then when you aren’t progressing at your initial rate or there seems to be a plateau, it can feel discouraging. 

However, before thinking about lowering your calories more, take a look at the checklist below and see if you can complete some of the recommendations first before cutting again:

1) Hit your daily protein goal! 

If you started your journey without optimizing your protein intake, this is a good time to start. 

The benefits of prioritizing protein intake speak for themselves – from promoting longevity to improving immunity, structural balance, and overall health. 


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Photo Courtesy of Christina Vera (@christinaveracreative / Instagram)

Luminate the Day: CrossFit and Mental Health Aid Joining Forces to Build Community

In 2016, David Halvorson was a Michigan State student pursuing a finance degree when he felt directionless. 

Unfortunately, he had recently lost friends to suicide, and he felt like he was going through an identity crisis.

Halvorson felt as though he wasn’t likely to have the impact on the world he envisioned himself having, if he continued down the path of becoming a Wall Street banker.

Halvorson pivoted, wanting to create something that actively gave back to the community.

  • “I started with a clothing brand, working with local designers and print shops, and it turned into a nonprofit in 2020,” Halvorson told the Morning Chalk Up. 

  • “My fiance runs a different foundation on the drug and rehab side, so we were witnessing this mental decline in the youth. I figured I could turn my brand into something that actively has boots-on-the-ground operations trying to do something in the mental health initiative community,” he continued. 

Fast forward to 2024 and Halvorson’s annual event, “Luminate the Day”, a nonprofit fitness competition for wellness and mental health, is heading into its third year.  

A Look Back — Luminary Fitness and Windy Willow Are Born

In late 2020, Halvorson and his friend Tyler Cole were lifting weights out of a storage unit due to COVID-19.

  • Cole saw an opportunity to buy a gym space and start a fitness community. He named it Luminary Fitness.

At the same time, Halvorson founded “Windy Willow”, now the host organization of “Luminate the Day,” as a “program designed to provide access, advocacy and action for mental health initiatives.” The organization runs entirely on donations.

Halvorson describes the mission of the organization:  “We're trying to create a conduit of resources. The hardest part about getting mental health services oftentimes is understanding where you fall on the insurance scale, understanding what is allowed for your co-pay, and what your deductible is.”


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  • Congratulations to regional athlete Corey Lunny on the three-rep power clean and jerk at 275 pounds/124 kilos.

  • Congratulations to 12 -year-old Isaac from AP Fitness in Costa Rica on the 185 pound/83 kilo split jerk.

  • Amazing work to Games athlete Emily Tanner on the snatch progression over the last decade.

  • 🍼🍼Congratulations to Jacob and Kelli Heppner, soon-to-be parents to twins.